Neighbourhood Watch: Further Reading

This page contains details of publications & articles relating to Neighbourhood Watch. The information is for research & the website cannot provide copies of the articles listed.

Published Editions

Neighbourhood Watch
Samuel French, 2013, ISBN 978-0573113185
Alan Ayckbourn: Plays 6
Faber, 2018, ISBN 978-0571348282


Albert-Reiner Glaap: New Landmarks In Ayckbourn Country
pp.64-72 (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2014, ISBN 978-3868215007)


An Interview with Alan Ayckbourn
Simon Murgatroyd, SJT Circle Membership Newsletter, July 2011
Did he predict a riot?
Natalie Woolman, The Stage, 8 September 2011
As ever, keeping 'Watch'
Barbara Chari, Wall Street Journal, 13 December 2011
Ayckbourn On Ayckbourn
Harry Haun,, 28 December 2011
Alan Ayckbourn: From North Yorkshire to East 59th St
Andrew Purcell, The Guardian, 28 December 2011

Reviews (world premiere)

Neighbourhood Watch
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 14 September 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 14 September 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Clare Brennan, The Observer, 2 October 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Charles Hutchinson, The Press, 17 September 2011
Black Comedy Which Is Well Worth The Wait
Sue Wilkinson, Scarborough Evening News, 15 September 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Alex Rodgers, Socialist Review, October 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Mark Shenton, The Stage, 14 September 2011
Towering Production
Mark Shenton, Sunday Express, 18 September 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Jane Edwardes, Sunday Times, 25 September 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Sam Marlowe, The Times, 13 September 2011
Comic Paranoia in Ayckbourn's Little Britain
Libby Purvis, The Times, 14 April 2012
Neighbourhood Watch
Ron Simpson,, 14 September 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Nick Ahad, Yorkshire Post, 16 September 2011

Reviews (New York premiere, 2011)

Self-Righteous Neighbours Get Carried Away In Witty Farce
Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press, 8 December 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Melissa Rose Bernardo, Entertainment Weekly, 7 December 2011
Stage Door: Neighbourhood Watch
Fern Siegal, Huffington Post, 10 December 2011
Brit Ayckbourn Give Us Crime And Fun-ishment
Elizabeth Vincentelli, New York Post, 7 December 2011
Neighbourhood Watch Deserves A Look At Brits Off Broadway
Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News, 7 December 2011
Good Fences Makes Fascist Neighbours
Mark Peikert, New York Press, 8 December 2011
A Genteel Neck Of The Wood Becomes A Genteel Fortress
Charles Isherwood, New York Times, 7 December 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Andy Propst,, 7 December 2011
Neighbourhood Watch
Marilyn Stasio, Variety, 12 December 2011
Guess Who's Coming To The Vineyard
Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal, 9 December 2011

Reviews (London premiere, 2012)

Neighbourhood Watch
Philip Fisher, British Theatre Guide, 10 April 2012
Hedge Trimmer And A Dark Night Of The Suburban Soul In New Ayckbourn
Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard, 12 April 2012
Neighbourhood Watch
Gerald Berkowitz, London Theatre Guide, 12 April 2012
Neighbourhood Watch
Ton Wicker, Time Out, 19 April 2012
Comic Paranoia In Ayckbourn's Little Britain
Libby Purves, The Times, 13 April 2012
Neighbourhood Watch
Jo Caird,, 12 April 2012

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